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I am a poet, physicist, writer, and engineer.

I'm a Bayesian. This means I hold there is only one way of knowing, and it is the Bayesian way. The goal of a Bayesian is to use evidence to update the plausibility of our beliefs. Evidence cannot be used to "prove" or "disprove" anything. It can only make things more plausible or less plausible. Knowledge is by its nature uncertain. Certainty--also know as "faith"--is an epistemic error.

I practice the discipline of science--which is publicly testing ideas by systematic observation, controlled experiment, and Bayesian inference--as widely and consistently as I can. Science is a discipline, not a method, so questions and opinions about "the scientific method" are meaningless.

After a career doing a variety of things--including some time in academia working in both pure and applied physics, being a founder and entrepreneur, and holding executive positions in established companies, as well as being a father and husband--I'm engaged in "some work of noble note" while the hours of daylight linger.

That work consists of an ongoing project--partially documented on this site--to understand the nature of reality as described by quantum theory, as well as various poetic, literary, and engineering projects intended to investigate and alleviate some of the less salubrious aspects of the human condition.

I believe, based on my work as a physicist, that there is an aspect of reality that is infinite, beyond space and time, all-pervasive, and upon which "existence" or "classical reality" depends. This is not entirely different from what various religions claim for their god, but the evidence points to it having a nature that makes nonsense of all scripture. So God exists (for a certain value of "exists") but it is not the god of your religion--if you have one--nor of anyone else's.

One way you can be sure you are not talking to God is if your god talks to you, because by studying the universe we can show that God cannot under any circumstances whatsoever communicate with us in any way. If God did, the laws of thermodynamics would be different from what they are, and we would all die. Weird, eh?

Part of my work is figuring out how to communicate these conclusions to people who don't know a wavefunction from a wormhole. It is a work in progress.

I am married to Hilary Farmer and we often work on creative projects together. You should check her stuff out too.

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